2L Race Services and Timing

2L Race Timing Services

2L Race Services offers professional race timing that creates a better event for both you and your participants. Our experience directing our own races ensures that all the many moving parts of a race work together seamlessly and effortlessly for your event. Thus, we make it easy for you to focus your attention on other aspects of an event in order to make it a successful event that grows yearly. We will provide a simple process for participants, smooth integration between race timing and packet pick-up, and rapid results.

Chip Timing

The most important factor to the success of any race is the accuracy and timeliness of the race results. Providing accurate and timely results is what sets us apart. Our state-of-the art system includes:

  • Disposable bib chip timing using the cutting edge Jaguar RFID timing system.
  • Antennae mounted to an overhead truss (eliminates hazardous mats that cause tripping! and provides a place to mount banners).
  • Guaranteed results thanks to triple redundancy at the finish (extremely accurate chip timing system, high-definition video backup, and manual entry).
  • Large LED race clock/s at the finish area
  • Tablet computer displaying participant names as they cross the finish line for event announcer to use and PA system.
  • Automatic photo finish line photos connected to results in real time and available for free.

Results are available immediately, which means there is no delay for the awards ceremony. 

  • Live scrolling results on a large screen monitor near the finish line and/or results kiosks with attached printer that generates receipt with finish time and place.
  • Overall and/or age group results provided on our tablet computer or printed format as the race is still occurring.
  • Live web updates during the race and results automatically emailed to participants.
  • Digital finisher certificates connected with results that can be downloaded by participants in print quality for free.
FAT Camera Based Timing

Can be used as a stand alone timing solution for track & field, cycling events, crew, and more or as a back up system for extreme accuracy in conjunction with RFID timing. 

  • High speed camera captures times to 1/1000th of a secon to ensure separate of close finishes and accurate results.
  • Photos are taken in full color to help separate finishers (unlike older systems which only use black and white).
  • Option to display winning time on large LED race clock at the finish line immediately after winner crosses the line.
  • Results can be pushed online during the event.
Timing Costs

There are many factors that affect the cost of providing top quality chip timing for your event - size, location, number of races, length of the event, and many more factors. Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will put together a quote specific to your event. 

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